Report IGF Italia 2016

Martedì, 15 Novembre, 2016
Stefano Rodotà, Michele Bugliesi, Luca Battistella, Alessandra Poggiani, Stefano Trumpy, Agostino Cortesi, Laura Abba, Riccardo Luna, Joy Marino, Giovanni Seppia, Riccardo Focardi, Monica Palmirani, Raffaele Tiscar, Elio Catania e Salvatore Orlando

The Forum in Venice have been characterized by the interactive dialogue and have addressed a wide range of topics and issues, including Net neutrality, Cybersecurity, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, Digital divide, Internet Rights and Internet governance. 

Previous editions of IGF Italy have shown the value of multi-stakeholder approach and the importance of including the different social actors - government, institutions and public administrations, private sector, research and civil society - that bring points of view, needs and equally different experiences with each other. 

The Venice Forum has been an opportunity to facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and best practices at national level; the results of work will be presented by Stefano Trumpy (Internet Society Italy Chapter President) at the next global IGF to be held in Zapopan, Guadalajara Metropolitan Area 6 to 9 December, hosted by the Mexican government. 

The working atmosphere were very nice and the Forum was a successful one, more information will be found in the dedicated web pages at